Our services

At Harbor View we specialise in providing corporate services to both local, exempted and international companies. We offer a wide range of corporate services, from initial incorporation to on-going management. We offer the following corporate support:

  • Incorporations, liquidations, mergers & amalgamations
  • Provision of registered office
  • Provision of a secretary
  • Maintenance of the company minute book & statutory records
  • Maintenance of the Register of Shareholders and Register of Directors and Officers
  • Maintenance of books & records, and financial reporting
  • Applications, annual filings and payment of annual government fees with regulatory authorities
  • Preparation of all requisite standard proxies, notices, share transfers, agendas and minutes with respect to Director & Shareholder meetings
  • Assistance with the establishment of local or overseas bank accounts
  • Assistance with share transfers & restructuring
  • Notifying clients of corporate governance rules & regulations
  • Corporate searches
  • Board room facilities for meetings

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Digital brand services – We offer services to protect brands online.  We register and manage domain names, respond to online brand infringement and help monitor and clear trademarks in a global market.
  • Nominee Shareholder services - A nominee shareholder is an unrelated third party who is officially registered as the holder of shares in an offshore company. The purpose of the nominee shareholder is to uphold client secrecy by shielding the actual owner of the company from being publicly associated with that particular offshore company. Our subsidiary company Habor View Nominee Services Ltd. is able to offer this service.
  • Director services – This is particularly beneficial if there are no other resident directors in Bermuda. The director will be able to sign on behalf of the company and deal with any other business requiring the physical presence of a director in Bermuda. Our subsidiary company Habor View Management Ltd. offers this service.
  • Resident Representative – By law, a company with no directors resident in Bermuda must have both a corporate secretary and a named individual as a resident representative in Bermuda. We can, on request, provide such a resident representative.

Due Diligence & Register Services

Knowing our clients is very important to us at Harbor View. We therefore require all Bermuda company shareholders to complete our ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) forms in advance of onboarding with us.

This information is only shared with the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) and is of course kept confidential. Clients should also be aware that such information will also be required by Bermuda banks before operating bank accounts can be opened.

We are able conduct searches on any of the following Registers in Bermuda:

  • Company Register
  • Directors & Officers Register
  • Shareholder Register
  • Shipping register
  • Aircraft register
  • Register of Mortgages
  • Supreme Court Register
  • Register of Charges